Year: 2020

I Hate Everything

“I hate everything.” That’s an over generalization, simplicication, and dead accurate. “I love everything.” Almost true. Exuberant. Actually close to reality. Experiantially far from truthful in a minute by minute relation. Elsewhere some of us out here describe a relationship between suicidal ideation (wanting to opt out of living and having concrete plans towards that end) and treading water. Not malapropos for many. Atypical? Perhaps, uncommon? Unlikely. Foreign? Nah. Paradoxically reinforced during this pandemic. I …

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Whiteness is a Hell of a Drug, part MMMDCCXCVII

I really, really want to cheer when women take the podium and start to speak about our need for bodily autonomy. It is something dear to me, especially as a trans woman, it means a hell of a lot, and there’s an overlapping core of law to it that forms a sinewy thread between abortion and birth control rights (for everyone who is capable of carrying a child or potentially even at risk for being …

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