Year: 2019


So. We are sometimes, now, asked for civility. Do you know what real civility looks like? I’m reminded of the model of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The acknowledgment that in order to have reconciliation, we must first have truth. Right now? We do not have truth. Calls for civility come from people who often in the same breath lie. And not mere lies, but the disingenuous mocking of even the act of concealment of …

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When We have had evidence for approximately four decades that we are burning so much of our world that we threaten our own human ability to thrive on this world. We made unsteady and reluctant changes, while corporations who wish to continue to profit from the burning of fires sought to bury the knowledge. So successful were they that they no longer need to act directly. Legions are convinced of the lies. Coincidentally, approximately four …

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