Imaginary Earworm of Embarrassment

Current earworm is one that doesn’t exist in reality. It’s TMBG imitating Michal Stipe in a Fingertips style short. The lyrics entire are, “I haaaaate everything. I hate everythiiiing.” This sometimes comes up when my head replays some past embarrassment or current fear of embarrassment and then also reflexively tries to push it away. It’s […]

False Scarcity

This makes a good case for more open immigration, but let’s also back this up a step. (This is by now, an older article. But it’s a good launching point for the discussion.) We have crop loss because we can’t get outside immigrant labor into the U.S. because of the ridiculously xenophobic immigration debate […]

Melt Them Down to Butter Knives

So, here’s a vet walking the talk. Does so aloud for all to see and hear. And what’s the response from those opposed to that walk? Yeah… These are people pretty much proving his point. They’re the loudest people, they don’t represent all assault-style gun owners? I speculate. But… too bad, that. They represent […]

I have been left alone unsupervised at my desk. Do I…

1) Sneak out, install speakers in the ceiling, and blast (alternately) epic cinematic music and the programmatically generated soundtrack to Portal 2. 2) Redecorate the office softball tournament trophy into a new and meaningful sculpture. 3) Switch all of the desktop computers with one another. 4) Sing the song of my cats’ people to the […]